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Wapro 2017

Wapro 2017


Parallel to the 10th Symposium Roll Forming and Final Colloquium CRC 666, the institute
organizes an exhibition at the conference center.

Thereby giving companies the opportunity to present themselves at the 20th and 21th of
February at the Foyer 1.05 (next to the conference room) of the darmstadtium.

The assigned floor area of a stand measures about 2,50 m x 3,00 m, whereby a
table (1,40 m x 0,70 m) and a chair are provided.

Additional tables, chairs or partition walls can be booked. Alternatively a stand with
comparable size can be used.
Date: 20th and 21th of February 2017
Location: Foyer 1.05 of the "darmstadtium", Foyer overview
Stand space: 2,5m x 3,0m, incl. 230V electrical connection

The stand fee does not include the participation at the conference .

Contact: M. Sc. Henning Husmann,     Phone: +49 (0)6151/16-23186
              M. Sc. Christiane Gerlitzky,    Phone: +49 (0)6151/16-23316

(1,40 m x 0,70 m)

(effective surface: 1,2 m x 1,5 m)

We will process your request immediately. You will receive a confirmation for your stand well enough in advance.